Altar Cloths, Table and Tiles

Om Altar Bell

Plated in silver and engraved with the Hindu Om symbol, this altar bell's gentle ringing tone is...
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Dragon Tinsha Cymbals

Also known as ting-sha, these Tibetan symbols are used for prayer and ritual. The unique sound they...
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Dragon Gong

Reproduction of a traditional Chinese temple gong creates a pleasant harmony when rung...
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Chrome Health Balls

Our chrome plated health balls are packaged in beautiful silk box with faux bone toggle closure....
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Ying/Yang Health Balls

Here are two cloisonne Yin Yang balls presented in a storage box. Gently weighted chiming therapy...
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Dragon & Phoenix

Here are two cloisonne Dragon & Phoenix balls presented in a storage box. Gently weighted...
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6" Tibetan Bell with Dorji

Three piece Tibetan Bell with Dorji has excellent tone and can be rung easily similar to a school...
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Amethyst Mala 5.5mm

A prayer mala made of polished amethyst beads and joined and ended in a tassel. 5.5mm beads 36"
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